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This website will show you how to google efficiently, and a few other Google tricks. Scroll down for more. Oh and that Google in the background is not functional.

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The Basics

To search in Google, click in the bar and type in text. Then either click the search icon or hit enter.

Remove search contents

To remove some certain words from Google, say you are searching up , and you don't want to include, say Orange kittens. So instead, you would type in . The - attribute removes all of the search querys containing the following word, up to the space.

Search for a specific term

To search for some certain words on Google, say maybe you are searching up , but you are finding too many Commodore 64 results. So instead, you could either add in filters for time span (which wouldn't be very efficient...) or change the text to . The quotation marks search for a certain string in that exact order.

Add in Filters

So you've learned about some search modifiers. Now it's time to learn about the search filters. Basically you click search tools and you will get 3 options below. The 1st option is for the country where the website is, or is referring to. The 2nd option is for when it was made, and that is useful for mainly news articles.

Showing Images/News/etc.

Back to the kittens... Assuming you are looking for images, and you are really new to technology, you wouldn't know how to search for just images. You might type in at the end of your search query, but it would also show some web pages with that. So, you have 2 ways of getting to the images. You would either click on the text that says Show Images, or click Images near the top. That's all there is to it.

Easter Eggs

You have made it this far through the document. Maybe you deserve a treat... Easter eggs! The most known one is if you search up it actually turns the screen around in a circle. And also if you search up it tilts the screen. Some others are which Google thinks is 42. These next 2 are surprising simular. and . Are you ready to travel back in time virtually? I hope you are because this next easter egg has really aged... Did you know Google has quite a bit of games in the easter egg collection? Type in and click images. This easter egg shows Google's version of pacman. I hid a easter egg myself in this paragraph. Maybe you should click on it.

Google Buttons

Sure you have heard of the classic blue Google search button, but have you heard of the I'm feeling Lucky button? That button automatically takes you to the first result that is not a advertisment. It's useful for when you need information as quick as you can get it, and when you need some randomness in your life. Also, if you click on the button when there is nothing in it, it takes you to a random Google page.

Google Voice Search

Ever feel lazy? Ever hated typing? Then this is the thing for you! Google Voice Typing lets you type with your voice. It also constantly improves as Google is working on it. Keep in mind it may not understand odd accents, blurry words or speaking with background noise.

Google Personalization

If you log in to Google, Google can personalize their advertisements, results, etc. to meet your needs. They still track you while you are not logged in, but a common way to avoid it is to set your browser to send 'Do not Track' requests.

Google Doodles

The first Google Doodle appeared in August 30, 1998, where the people at Google drew a stickman behind the second O in Google. Now they appear on special occations, such as Thanks Giving, Christmas, etc.

Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Drive

You computer provides many storage options, but sometimes that may not be enough. Therefore, comes in Google Drive. Google Drive comes with 15G of free memory, alongside support for all file formats, a virus detection filter and a file sharing system.

Strong Virus Detection

Something unrelated, you can use Virus Total to get many results on what's a virus and what is not.